• Envoutement of Love

    The rite of white magic to return a loving man
    Before proceeding to witch's rite white to make loving a man, get acquainted with, to return your effective work and fast free, effective and fast emotional return by rite of white magic and magnetism .
    The emotional return by white magic opposes to the bewitchment of black magic. The rite of black magic obliges the spellbound to think of the person who made the energy influence. This constraint is inevitable .

    What the bewitchment of biological love ? To understand this notion, it is necessary to understand well every term. Indeed, on one side the "biological" term supposes that the bewitchment of love is based on the natural physiology of the body. Of other pa the bewitchment of love on a cigarette. Rite of magic of love
    The magic attracts a large number of persons. Most are curious and attracted by the riddle and the secret, others practise the magic by using him to fine staffs. Some domains of are it more popular loving bewitchment by white magic in the Church.
    Loving bewitchment by white magic in Church .
    You have to choose the day which falls on one of the religious feasts. Because these days Churches accumulate much more energy by report .


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  • "The wearer of this ring will have miraculous success wherever he or she may go"
    Sefer Refuah ve Hayim (The Health and Life Book)

    The design of the five metals ring (5 metals ring) is based on an ancient kabalistic formula for protection and success found in the Sefer Refuah ve Hayim (The Health and Life Book). The ring is made only once a month (or twice depends on the month); 

    According to the ancient kabalistic text, the secret of the five metals ring's success is that at the specific time of the creation of the ring with these five metals, Jupiter's influence is summoned forth. Jupiter is the star of development and expansion, and success is at it's strongest at the specific time of the ring's creation.

    The layer on the top of the five metals ring is pure gold. Below it there is a layer of leadand tin, and the last layer is copper, while the ring itself is made out of silver.

    The ring itself cannot be made out of gold (14K Gold is mixed with other metals making it more than a 5 metal ring).

    The ring is engraved in Hebrew. On one side S-A-L for abundance and on the other sideA-L-D for protection. Two letter combinations, taken from the 72 names of God.

    Regarding the Five Metal Ring in your order - I would like to stress the fact that due to the special properties of this ring and the procedure of making it, if for some reason the ring needs to be resized or repaired you must send it back to us and not take it to a local jeweler. If The Five Metal Ring is handled by someone not familiar with these type of metals they will most likely destroy the ring.

    Five metal ring silver

    Five metal ring silver

    Five metal ring silver



    PRICE : 424 Dollars


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    In White magic, there are magic formulae to be able to realize what you wish. These formulae are used during the rites to seal the act of magic. There are magic formulae which concern all the subjects whether it is the love, the protection, the money, the career... 


    These magic formulae can be to assimilate to a magic charm one is carry happiness used to favor the energies during the rite, or simply be words pronounced during ritual or the same to travel all the rite with a particular path.

    It is about the magician who sets up this formula according to your demand. This one will thus have to be the most precise possible to give all the chances to the magician so that he makes


    On this site of free white magic, our clairvoyants present you the magic formulae the most known with the first elements:


    * The formula of emotional return

    * The formula to find the soul mate

    * The formula to have some affection

    * The formula to reconquer somebody

    * The formula not to meet any more obstacle

    * The formula to earn money

    * The formula to have a beautiful career

    * The formula to protect somebody or you even

    * The formula to cure certain troubles.


    Price list : 500 Dollars



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    Father of the four winds fills my sails across the sea of years

    The Four winds ring is created especially for truth seekers and travelers.

    The Hebrew engraving around the stone means - "Father of the four winds fill my sails across the sea of years", a sentence taken from the Led Zeppelin song - Kashmir. The font used in the engraved Hebrew letters is taken from the style used in The Dead Sea Scrolls. 

    On one side of the ring appears the phrase "The further one travels the less one knows" (written in Hebrew). This phrase was taken from the book of the "Tao te ching" written by the famous ancient Chinese truth seeker Lau Tsu.

    The ring is meant to remind the truth seeker of the illusions and the deceptions of the outside world: "At the end of your journey you will discover that you have never moved at all..."

    Four winds ring silver

    Four winds ring silver

    Four winds ring with garnet

    Four winds ring silver

    Four winds ring with turquoise

    Four winds ring silver

    Four winds ring with smoky quartz

    Four winds ring silver

    Four winds ring with moonstone

    Four winds ring silver

    Four winds ring with smoky quartz
    PRICE : 453 Dollars
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    Marabout clairvoyant medium, magéntiseur discrete doubt the extraordinary gifts hénréditaires
    I have many years of experience and I am specialist in occult works,
    Rooms: Paris, Geneva, Brussels, References TV, RADIO competent and serious.


    Sensations-bites in your body
    Printing-weight on the shoulders chest OR (choking)
    Anxiety-without reason, loss of energy in the morning
    -Cauchemears to rehearsals
    -Réveilm at night (often at the same time)
    Instincts-suicide fears
    -The property is in a place dépaçant
    -Aggression rauison without rudeness to his family
    -Alcohol and tobacco
    -Despite your efforts, regular failure



    Contact Master COFFI : 0022995092699. - Whatsapp
    Emails : mastercoffi@hotmail.fr
    Master Clairvoyant Marabout Seeing COFFI



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  • Invocation of the angel of wealth



    The formula of this spiritual invocation is for people who want to be rich and to live in the luxury but suffer during years and have no hope while there is a good news. THIS SPIRITUAL INVOCATION is going to allow you to change your life and to see your dreams to be a millionaire come true. When you will have the talisman of invocation and the words of invocation of spiritual mystic, you will see with your own eyes an angel dressed in every white who will appear in front of you.

    When the angel of wealth will appear to you, he will ask you to make him three wishes which you wish realized in your life.

    Then his wishes has you to announce him your three wishes and will be realized by the on-the-spot angel.



    If you say for example the wealth, the angel will create you a sum of money which will never end because immediately because the more you will use this money, the more he will increase.

    If for example, you are an entrepreneur and you wish to gain an offer and you ask has the angel, you will gain easily this market.

    If for example, you dream to become famous in the music or in the football and you ask that has the angel, he will realize you that and you will know an immense celebrity in your domain.


    Price : 444 Dollars



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    Testimony of Karine Le Raincy:


    "Hello everyone and thank you to publish my testimony. I really wanted to tell you how it happened for me My life has not always been easy, it's the least we can say. Bride 20, divorced at 29, remarried and then left ... 8 years ago, I met Brun , an exceptional man who has really made me happy. But then he met another woman and is far from me. desperation, I did not know what to think. Would he return? Should I draw a line on our relationship and move on? Well I finally got a chance to go through this service mediums of birth, Master COFFI. 




    It is really stunning and very effective. Consultation and rituals to work very smoothly and I was told that Bruno still loved me, but he just needed to escape a few weeks and that he would get back to me quickly. This happened at the same time as we had shown me. Since then, I check the service from a large choice is to do. Thank you to you all, good luck and big kisses. "


    Contact : 00229 95092699. 

    .................................................. ......................

    Contact   Master   Marabout COFFI, An Angel on a mission to Earth for the Greatest Happiness of the people Have you are lucky to have you on Their way of life.



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    Knowing the zodiac sign of a person is a tool of seduction.


    When you love, all means are good to get his way. But still, it must always be correct and respect the free will.

    It is shown that when a person is attracted, it is almost always successful if there is a good listener and understanding. These traits are difficult to understand, there are many more easy way to do it. Refer to the astrological sign of the person may very well help you convince the person elected by your heart. We can better understand the person.


    During chats and discussions, to stand out, it must come to understand the person. In the field of astrology, to achieve this, it is sufficient just to see the different traits of the person from its sign. As an example, people born under the sign of Taurus like to sensual things.

    At the first appointment so we can give him a small gift compared to this. This is just one example, but try to capture everything. By doing this, you can easily win the heart of the person. It is possible to see the future we will have with the person. 


    Meanwhile, we can already anticipate in advance any future relationship with astrology. This method allows much to advance the relationship. If you manage to understand everything about the person, it will very quickly conquered. Even people who have a strong mind can not succumb to the charm. Disputes will be lower because knowing the person well, you can avoid smudges. It is proven that people born on a sign characters have in common. But a word of advice for achieving well, we should also add some personal touches.


    E-mail : contact@mediumvoyancecoffi.com

    Contact : 00229 95092699 


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    Flesko France



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    Gives you a lot of success in the magic of the invisibility. This TALISMAN possesses an incredible power. He was baptized by Lord KHAN in antique India the One is very powerful lwa of the pantheon WICHA .That or who will carry this talisman will be invisible with the eyes of the Human beings and the animals. This Talisman gives to its carrier a large-scale invisibility; nobody I say well nobody can see you to by you and the good animal GOD . None , the cat cannot perceive you. Because you can even cross a ripe with this talisman to penetrate into a totally closed place .Vous go to feel so free to make all that you want. This talisman allows you to transport objects unless nobody sees you. It is a means to fight also



    This talisman allows you to pass between them with luggage in hand or in the back without they do not see either you or the luggage which you transport. By having this talisman on you, all that you will affect will not be visible any more in the naked eye. The object which you affected will be invisible as you. You can penetrate everywhere where you want.

    When you concern the talisman you your physical body disappears with the eyes of the human beings of this world and your body becomes as the air which surrounds us; being invisible when we shall pull a blow of a firearm, balls shall cross you as if they cross the air which surrounds us. It is Extraordinary ! It is very dear but for you help especially in you protect. I you the fact a present.


    NB : you do not need of recité a magic formula or to make a rite so that the medaillon works. You will have that has the carried automatically on you and you become invisible. And when to wish you etre vissible you will have that has to remove the medaillon and you become visible.

    Price : 650 Dollars Including the expenses of sending DHL

    Order - Payment by Transfer .


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