In White magic, there are magic formulae to be able to realize what you wish. These formulae are used during the rites to seal the act of magic. There are magic formulae which concern all the subjects whether it is the love, the protection, the money, the career... 


    These magic formulae can be to assimilate to a magic charm one is carry happiness used to favor the energies during the rite, or simply be words pronounced during ritual or the same to travel all the rite with a particular path.

    It is about the magician who sets up this formula according to your demand. This one will thus have to be the most precise possible to give all the chances to the magician so that he makes


    On this site of free white magic, our clairvoyants present you the magic formulae the most known with the first elements:


    * The formula of emotional return

    * The formula to find the soul mate

    * The formula to have some affection

    * The formula to reconquer somebody

    * The formula not to meet any more obstacle

    * The formula to earn money

    * The formula to have a beautiful career

    * The formula to protect somebody or you even

    * The formula to cure certain troubles.


    Price list : 500 Dollars



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