• Désenvoutement-PROTECTIONS




    Désenvoutement : This is the act of leaving a person, a place, that have been put through a ritual of witchcraft or black magic under the influence of a spell, a spell.


    PURIFICATION OF PLAY : This is to break the spell and wandering away, or evil souls haunting the place. What is in a residential home, a trade or business. 

    It then remains to restore a healthy flow of energy and restore harmony and prosperity.


    PROTECTIONS: Prevention is better than cure. In the life of every day we visit places, people or deal with situations that may prove to be very harmful. 

    My action will be to draw up a barrier to protect you from all attacks on your integrity. 

    My work will be done remotely or on site after free review of your circumstances.




    Preamble: In no case is medical care that they belong exclusively to medicine, you will not have any time to interrupt or stop treatment prescribed by your doctor. 

    The bewitchment, enchantment, evil eye, the spell act on the unconscious and take possession of the person both mentally and physically. 

    This is why the bewitched is not aware of the changes taking place in him and who will Take affected to change their behavior and affect their judgment. 

    Symptoms: unexplained fatigue, non-restorative sleep, back pain, headache, dizziness, devolution, memory loss, ball solar plexus without any medical reason.




    Fears, anxiety, stress, anger, nervousness, despair, malaise, nightmares, blockages and depreciation will affect romantic relationships and lead to repercussions in the professional life and your financial circumstances.

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