Gives you a lot of success in the magic of the invisibility. This TALISMAN possesses an incredible power. He was baptized by Lord KHAN in antique India the One is very powerful lwa of the pantheon WICHA .That or who will carry this talisman will be invisible with the eyes of the Human beings and the animals. This Talisman gives to its carrier a large-scale invisibility; nobody I say well nobody can see you to by you and the good animal GOD . None , the cat cannot perceive you. Because you can even cross a ripe with this talisman to penetrate into a totally closed place .Vous go to feel so free to make all that you want. This talisman allows you to transport objects unless nobody sees you. It is a means to fight also



    This talisman allows you to pass between them with luggage in hand or in the back without they do not see either you or the luggage which you transport. By having this talisman on you, all that you will affect will not be visible any more in the naked eye. The object which you affected will be invisible as you. You can penetrate everywhere where you want.

    When you concern the talisman you your physical body disappears with the eyes of the human beings of this world and your body becomes as the air which surrounds us; being invisible when we shall pull a blow of a firearm, balls shall cross you as if they cross the air which surrounds us. It is Extraordinary ! It is very dear but for you help especially in you protect. I you the fact a present.


    NB : you do not need of recité a magic formula or to make a rite so that the medaillon works. You will have that has the carried automatically on you and you become invisible. And when to wish you etre vissible you will have that has to remove the medaillon and you become visible.

    Price : 650 Dollars Including the expenses of sending DHL

    Order - Payment by Transfer .


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