• Magic rosary for the Christians and the Muslims.

    Rosary Powerful Money



    It is always said that God hears us by Prayer. Here is the power that gives the financial wealth.

    This string will make you rich, very riche.All your prayers expressing the need for money will Realized  Vos requests will not be attendre.Il Just hold the string in your hand and make your request for money for example: obtain a bank loan, receive a large sum of money from a wealthy person, win millions in the lottery, salary increase, to prompt Labour ... all requests for money will be realized very quickly, sometimes immediately.



    Price : 232 Dollars




    Contact Master COFFI : 0022995092699. - Whatsapp
    Emails : mastercoffi@hotmail.fr
    Master Clairvoyant Marabout Seeing COFFI


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    Spell for protection from Black Magic

      I have not mentioned all my Spells on this page because it is impossible to fit all my Spells, as there are unlimited Spells. 

    Spells are prepared according to the requirement of the person.


    Price : 666 Dollars


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    This MAGIC POTION is prepared with a lot of MAGICAL powers so that people suffering from eye problems will be cured forever.

    The person who apply this MAGIC POTION will start to see very clearly and will need no spectacles to read.

    After you will apply this MAGIC POTION your eyes will become so powerful that you will start to see in the dark.

    All types of eye problems will be cured after you apply this MAGIC POTION.


    The cost of this MAGIC POTION is US$ 150


    Contact Master COFFI : 0022995092699. - Whatsapp 
    Emails : mastercoffi@hotmail.fr 
    Master Clairvoyant Marabout Seeing COFFI



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    How to have money every day thanks to a Suitcase Magnetized?
    How to magnetize oneself a Suitcase which will have for mission to attract bank notes in local cuts ? Try the Suitcase magnetized for more wealth, prosperity and economic freedom.

    Why a suitcase Magnetized ?

    - The Suitcase magnetized always attract a lot of money
    - The Suitcase magnetized is always filled with bank notes
    - The Suitcase magnetized makes very rich, prosperous and powerful
    - The Suitcase magnetized is without totems and without sacrifices
    - The Suitcase magnetized protect against the waste of money
    - To magnetize a Suitcase is not a pact to be signed with the devil

    - The Suitcase magnetized protect against the waste of money
    - To magnetize a Suitcase is not a pact to be signed with the devil .



    Supports and necessary Astrological Materials for the magnetizing:

    · A Magic hotel for realization of rites
    · An average Bowl in terra-cotta
    · A chalk of white color
    · A chalk of green color
    · A quantity averages of White Sand

    · A Magnet Magnetized
    · Twenty Mentholated Crystals of Color Blanche
    · Four white Royal Candles
    · Four Green Royal Candles
    · A white and new Cloth
    · A matchbox
    · some Astrological Incense Magnetized and Crystallized in sticks
    · some Incense of Astrological Meditation Magnetized in sticks
    · An Important Quantity of Astrological white Salt
    · some Incense of Prosperity and Attraction of Wealth
    · A Magnetized and crystallized Envelope
    · A Bottle of Magnetized and crystallized Global Water
    · One Carries Currency or leather Bédou or in Skin of animal
    · A Copy of every Cuts of bank notes of your country (new bill PLEASE)
    · An Important Quantity of Crystals Magnetized by Color (Green - Rose - Blanche)


    NB: this Material and Astrological Articles can be found to the Spiritual Walked Cabinet of Big and powerful Master.

    How works then a Magnetic Suitcase? How does he attract the money ?
    Thanks to the electro-metaphysical magnetism which contain all the bank notes of the world, grace has a metaphysical astrological procedure of very former magnetizing kept top secret by Indians, your Suitcase will have the power, the magnetism and all the necessary energies to attract the bank notes of your country as the magnet attracts the iron. It is not a new fact, it exists for a very long time in several countries of the world.With your Suitcase Magnetize, you will always have money on you till the end of your life. Even in difficult situations, even in war situation, you will always have bank notes filled in your Suitcase, fresh money and in cash which you can use for your spending .


    NB: here in your country and in the world generally, all those who are rich possess discreetly one, two or three Suitcase Magnetized who attract the money permanently, of big and of small sums of money in local cuts. True or false ?


    Price list : 2500 Dollars


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  • Magnetic wallet (portfolio)


    Door sheet magnetized which attracts the money from 100 to 1000 Dollars a day.

    ° Attract a lot of money

    ° Always full of bank notes

    ° Make very famous and rich

    ° Make prosperous and very powerful

    ° is without totems and without sacrifices

    ° Protect against the waste of money

    ° is not a pact has to indicate, nor alliance with the devil.



    The technique of carries sheet to attract of the abundance in its life with the law of the attraction. What attracts the money it is to be compatible with the vibration of the abundance and the prosperity. This simple and funny exercise allows you to align yourselves with a consciousness of the abundance. Realize finally all your desires in the financial and commercial domain thanks to our Magic Magnetic wallet so called in Africa " Door exchanges Magic ".

    This wallet taken out of a Bucket of Geniuses will act on one hand as very effective protective shield against the loss of money and the Talisman which it contains will attract you abundance and prosperity such as a magnetic magnet This wallet intended to replace in your door exchanges current, a quantity of sum and is delivered with an instructions for use to .Pour to activate you need talismans and mystic words according to every domain to revitalize as (finance, business, games of chance, etc.).


    Size : 9 x 12 cms. When this wallet will be in your ownership she will be capable of multiplying the sum which will be inside time (x) 10 (if you put 10 Dollars you will have 100 dollars during one in the daytime andvalid for 45 DAYS).

    Bitter 45 days this wallet has no more this Magnetic Magic strength thus it is out-of-date.

    PRICE : 1000 Dollars


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    14, Rue Land of Voodoo - 75016 Adja - BENIN - Phone: (+229) 95092699


    Medium light COFFI

    COFFI rise in the former, according to the traditions, therefore  no initial study of the problem is made ​​by internet.  If you wish to submit your case,  carefully read the "Read COFFI" you will find all the necessary information 
    You can also call  (+229) 95092699  , to know how to proceed.Feel free to leave a message on the answering machine in case of absence, you will be contacted as soon as possible. e.mail address for the monitored file is transmitted, if necessary, after a contact initial.  

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    To realize your most expensive wishes within 3 days grace has this powerful mystic candle.

    This powerful candle conceived by king Arabic witch from time immemorial is a candle very powerful which realizes the wishes within 3 days no more and no less.

    This candle so powerful as the secret was hidden since century but today the secret of this mystic candle revealed to you so that you drew to benefit from this extraordinary power.


    When you squeeze in possession of this powerful candle, all that you will have has to make it light of this candle then describe in a scrap of paper your the most expensive wishes then to burn this paper in the flame of this bougie.dans 3 days, you will see your wishes this réaliser.de even if wish you some money, write in a scrap of paper the sum of your choice then to burn this paper in the flame of this bougie.dans 3 days you will have this sum in your pocket or some part in your house. Grace has this candle all your most expensive wishes shall be realize.

    You squeeze the happiest man of the world because everything will be easy for vous.si to wish you some things write it in a scrap of paper may burn the paper in the flame of the candle then in 3 days you will have things wanted. Even if you liked a man or a woman and even if to arrive at you not has to declare it, write are name in a scrap of paper then to burn this paper in the flame of the bougie.dans 3 days you will see that this person will come to see you for declare yourselves are amoure to you.


    PRICE : 300 Dollars including the expenses of sending. 




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    It is the PADLOCK which allows every human being on earth of keep his soul - a sister block in this PADLOCK for empercher to leave you, you see that your man is tank or your wife is great and everybody runs according to her, she does not have time any more of dedicated to you, but why it ?

    With the PADLOCK OF LOVE, it is finished the problems of relations, block your darling for ever and at the moment either it or she is firm  in the PADLOCK OF LOVE no other one to be on earth will graze him that you, she will be free in the daytime or you open the PADLOCK OF LOVE of its name, worse if you throw in blackbird PADLOCK OF LOVE, then you will die together that is your love will finish in the grave with a marriage luxuriously organized command this PADLOCK OF LOVE. 


    PRICE : 300 Dollars



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    RELEASE FROM A SPELL: it is the action to takeout a person, a place, which were put by a rite of witchcraft or black magic under the influence of a fate , an evil spell.

    PURIFICATION OF PLACES: it consists in breaking spells and in taking away the wandering souls, or malefic which haunt places. That or in a house of house, a business or a company. 
    It remains then to restore a good traffic of the energies and to return the harmony and the prosperity. 

    PROTECTIONS: better be worth warning that to cure. In the daily life we frequent places, persons or to face situations which can turn out to be very fatal. 
    My action is going to consist in raising a barrier of protection to protect you from any infringements on your integrity. 

    My action will make remote or on-the-spot after free preliminary study of your situation.

    Introduction: on no account it is about medical care which are exclusively(are exclusively a matter) they of the medicine, you will have to interrupt at no time or stop a treatment prescribed by your doctor.

    The bewitchment, the spell, the bad eye, the evil spell act on the unconscious and take up the person at the same time on the mental plan and on the physical plan. 

    That is why the spellbound is not conscious of the modification which takes place in him and which is going to bring him to change its behavior and to distort its judgment. 

    The symptoms: unexplained Fatigue, sleep not repairer, back pain, headaches, dizzinesses, devolution, losses of memory, rolls to the solar plexus without any medical reason. 

    Fears, anxiety, stress, angers, nervousness, despair, the evil to be, nightmares, blockings and depreciation are going to distort the sentimental relations and to pull repercussions in the professional life and on your financial situations.

    Contact Master Marabou COFFI, An Angel in mission on Earth for the Biggest Happiness of the persons who are lucky enough to have you on their path of life.



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  • Return of affection powerful and serious


    The bewitchment of love

    Known for centuries, and more collectively Conscript magic of love, the emotional return uses the techniques of remote influence.
    You lost the love of your life ? Then know that there are average secrets to practise an effective emotional return.

    We Divinities can help you to find your love, thanks to effective emotional return and a big knowledge of the secrêtes practices of the Cabbala. Do not hesitate in him conctacter for a diagnosis and the started of its big magic powers.
    We Divinities can also relieve you by using the exorcism.

    Effective Emotional return: "R.A" The emotional return is a reality, to get back the love of a spouse, the affection of a dear being, or to increase its chances during new meetings, all this is made possible with the experts of the cabbala Divinities. Loving return of white magic.


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