How to have money every day thanks to a Suitcase Magnetized?
    How to magnetize oneself a Suitcase which will have for mission to attract bank notes in local cuts ? Try the Suitcase magnetized for more wealth, prosperity and economic freedom.

    Why a suitcase Magnetized ?

    - The Suitcase magnetized always attract a lot of money
    - The Suitcase magnetized is always filled with bank notes
    - The Suitcase magnetized makes very rich, prosperous and powerful
    - The Suitcase magnetized is without totems and without sacrifices
    - The Suitcase magnetized protect against the waste of money
    - To magnetize a Suitcase is not a pact to be signed with the devil

    - The Suitcase magnetized protect against the waste of money
    - To magnetize a Suitcase is not a pact to be signed with the devil .



    Supports and necessary Astrological Materials for the magnetizing:

    · A Magic hotel for realization of rites
    · An average Bowl in terra-cotta
    · A chalk of white color
    · A chalk of green color
    · A quantity averages of White Sand

    · A Magnet Magnetized
    · Twenty Mentholated Crystals of Color Blanche
    · Four white Royal Candles
    · Four Green Royal Candles
    · A white and new Cloth
    · A matchbox
    · some Astrological Incense Magnetized and Crystallized in sticks
    · some Incense of Astrological Meditation Magnetized in sticks
    · An Important Quantity of Astrological white Salt
    · some Incense of Prosperity and Attraction of Wealth
    · A Magnetized and crystallized Envelope
    · A Bottle of Magnetized and crystallized Global Water
    · One Carries Currency or leather Bédou or in Skin of animal
    · A Copy of every Cuts of bank notes of your country (new bill PLEASE)
    · An Important Quantity of Crystals Magnetized by Color (Green - Rose - Blanche)


    NB: this Material and Astrological Articles can be found to the Spiritual Walked Cabinet of Big and powerful Master.

    How works then a Magnetic Suitcase? How does he attract the money ?
    Thanks to the electro-metaphysical magnetism which contain all the bank notes of the world, grace has a metaphysical astrological procedure of very former magnetizing kept top secret by Indians, your Suitcase will have the power, the magnetism and all the necessary energies to attract the bank notes of your country as the magnet attracts the iron. It is not a new fact, it exists for a very long time in several countries of the world.With your Suitcase Magnetize, you will always have money on you till the end of your life. Even in difficult situations, even in war situation, you will always have bank notes filled in your Suitcase, fresh money and in cash which you can use for your spending .


    NB: here in your country and in the world generally, all those who are rich possess discreetly one, two or three Suitcase Magnetized who attract the money permanently, of big and of small sums of money in local cuts. True or false ?


    Price list : 2500 Dollars


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    Friday 9th August 2013 at 21:51

    Hello Master 

    I have choosed this atticles of wealth 


    Wednesday 2nd July 2014 at 17:17

    hi can you send me a sute case to south africa i will pay after i see results,lots of people took money from me than no results 

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    Saturday 13rd August 2016 at 06:10
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