• Been similar testimonies - Talisman Alchemical Marriage.


    Been similar testimonies - Talisman Alchemical Marriage.

    "Hello COFFI ,
    I made some pictures, but the pendant is not very clearly to see.........
    I love these piece very much, thank your for create it for me.
    all the best,

    Sylvia-Maryon Lavi 


    I have received the package containing my order of four necklaces.
    The necklaces are excellent in design and quality.
    Many thanks to COFFI for exceeding my expectations and thanks to you for providing great service.



    "Dear COFFI ,
    today i`m sending you a picture of my new alchemical wedding talisman.
    I worked a bit on it...and now the talisman is really perfect for me and i love wearing it!

    I hope you like it.

    Best wishes from Hamburg and greetings to you an COFFI .



    "Thank You Master COFFI !

    Dr John 



    "Shalom and Many Blessings Master COFFI, for receiving the Exquisite and Breathtaking Marriage Talisman and Gold Merkaba yesterday! I am wearing them now and will Treasure Both for my lifetime! They both are so amazing and am most grateful to you for the injected Kabbalah consciousness that went into their dazzling creation. Thank you both so much again, and until next time,
    Very Brightest Blessings,

    Dr John 


    "Hello Master
    I received everything today. They are beautiful. I have had my eye on the Wedding Talisman for awhile. It is very powerful for me on numerous levels not to mention the artistry from which it was 'born'. Thank you!



    "Hi, COFFI san, Yes, thank you so much for your support. I have received those works on Tue. Aug.3rd. And I am really happy about its beauty and impressed about something behind it. Thank you so much and I am looking foward to make contact with you for my next order. Ha ha ha. Just kidding, My job is sales and I am getting into laghter yoga these days... Anyway, COFFI san's work and knowledge is really something. At the end, it is emerald tablet. Some people told me this before and I finally realized by myself. Well, Master COFFI san, thank you so much. It was really fun to exchange message with you. Thank you and Arigato !! Many blessings,"


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    ionut paunescu
    Tuesday 16th September 2014 at 06:41

    can thissign bring me marriage with the girl i want of with a very beautiful girl?

    answer to my e-mail.

    thank you.

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