While I surfed on the Internet as in my habit, I fell on an article which spoke about an African marabout who answers to the name of MASTER COFFI and who was able to help uncountable persons to solve their problems. And then suddenly, I thought of Germaine, a friend of childhood who suffers for his 15 years of an extreme paranoia. His state quickly degraded to lose totally the sense of reality. And if she is generally quiet, Germaine was interned in a psychiatric hospital to receive the best care. As the hospital is situated very close to at my home , I often crossed to visit him even if every time, it was one 

    Test to see Germaine lost in her thoughts, the blank air, and his state made me dive back into the nostalgia for a time when Germaine was so full of life and enjoyment.


    One day while I went to visit him, I followed the instructions that the marabou had followed up me in the e-mail which I had sent to explain him my quant concerns

    To Germaine. As the marabou had asked me for it, I repeated a certain sentence to Germaine's ear repeatedly, while squeezing to him the palm of hands. While she began to stir, I continued to follow the instructions of the marabout, Germaine should faint in a few moments to wake up healthy. I do not have to wait longer so that it arrived because Germaine collapsed a few minutes later. 

    Through me, the Marabout COFFI had managed to hunt scoffing attitude who had taken refuge with Germaine's body. Later, Germaine woke up and for the first time since almost 7 years, she pronounced my name.




    In 22 years today, Germaine did not change and she found this joy of life which characterized her so much. She can begin from now on to live again as every normal person. The doctors who followed her have difficulty in explaining this cure. But I know confidentially that thanks to the Big Wizard COFFI, Germaine can again take advantage of her life and even her youth. As for what I made, I do not still realize really that I realized a release from a spell, I know only that I had faith to the Marabout COFFI and that I followed his advice to save Germaine. I thank the sky for having crossed the road of 

    Marabout COFFI and if I do not really know what to think of this stories of bewitchment, I know that having made for what the Marabout asked me to make in his e-mail, Germaine returned to her without her disorders then I have only a thing to be said: 

    Thank you for everything, Big Wizard COFFI.


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