• Testimony on CURTIS'S Birth

    Testimony on CURTIS'S BIRTH.

    After ten years of common life and several consultations with big specialists of the medicine, Jean-Jacques and Spotless included that their desire to have a child was not more than an illusion. While they had invested a fortune to be able to realize their dream, the last call of their regular doctor had fallen them as a lightning that they will not forget of so early. But beautiful morning of August, much to their surprise, they had met Maurès, an old friend, who lugged around her two children in a department store of the district. After a few minutes of gossip, Maurès asked them for the number of children whom they have. Hampered, they explained him their situation, en this one had explained them that any hope was allowed. For more details, they had agreed to see again itself to speak more for a long time about the subject.

    This friend Maurès, it's as if it was the sky which sent her to them. Having witnessed numerous cures made at a distance by a marabout who looks after any sorts of incurable diseases or resulting from actions of the evil, Maurès gave them the address and phone number of
    Master COFFI, somebody very renowned for such actions. Without hesitating, they had then rushed to surf and discuss with this marabout by videoconference. The latter explained them that nowadays, rare are the grave diseases after which the medicine does not manage to look, but their case was rather particular because somebody would have thrown them a fate. Of this fact thus, according to him, only the powers outside our world are capable of breaking the links with the spirits of this kind. Having evoked the incomprehensible words and having emitted by the rumours which look like bangings of hands, Master COFFI asked them to repeat after him some incantations.

    A few weeks after this session, Spotless had realized that his menses rules did not return. The first thing which they had made was to consult their family doctor. At the request of the couple and without believing in it too much, the doctor had made cross in Spotless a pregnancy test, in case, he said, a miracle would have occurred. And in the great surprise of all and under eyes stunned by the doctor, the test was positive. It was the biggest day of their life. Today, Hoping is 5 years old and Curtis their son grows well. Jean-Jacques and Spotless did not regret having had to follow a so long path before meeting the MARABOU COFFI and are eternally grateful to him for having offered them a so invaluable present.

    For those who want of help , contact by email: coffi@seeingmaraboutcoffi.com 


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