• Testimonies- GAIN AT the GAME BINGO

    Testimonies - GAIN(WIN) AT the GAME BINGO

    One day, seeing the prosperity of his company, I asked my friend Mickael, not without a point of humor, its magic formula to make of if bargains. Not answering my humor, it is with seriousness that he answered me: " you really want to know my secret? ". A little intrigued, I noded assent. Most naturally of the world, he says to me: " and well, I went to take advice with a marabout and here is the result ". 

    • At the time, I believed that he made fun. Then, he spoke to me about his marabout, assured me of his credibility in view of his prosperous businesses and advised me even to consult him if the desire to enjoy a material ease tempted me. Confiding me the address and phone number of the marabout, he taught me in passing that this one is called Maitre COFFI and that he lives in Africa. The consultation thus made remote.


    Playing the bingo for years, I realized that if the luck was a long time coming, why not to help him to occur. I thus got in touch with the Big Marabout COFFI and he exposed my case. He asked me then if I kept my losing tickets because in case I was able to keep one, this one would be useful for him "to work". Fortunately, a ticket of bingo was still in one of my drawers and sent him to him immediately. 
    The marabout also asked me for my date of birth and for my place of house afin, he said, that he can calculate my lucky days and tells me to wait. Having had no his news at the end of a few days, I began to worry. But without I expect it, I received a letter on behalf of the Big Wizard COFFI saying to me that I could replay in the bingo and that a few days only will pass before the first prize returns to me. Impatient person, I did not miss the editions on the television and one evening, my numbers 
    Were winning. I do not find the words to express the feelings which seized me: between the surprise, the immense enjoyment and the restlessness which I felt, I did not arrive
    To believe that I had just gained the million dollars at the bingo. I still verified figures 
    Spread over the screen, but very true I had just won at the bingo and all this thanks to the Big 
    Marabout COFFI of Africa. I would not know how to say my gratitude and profound respect which I have for this Sir, who living nevertheless very far, knew how to make a happy at the other end of the earth.



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