Men of God and Spiritual Guides

    ( Apostles, Pasteur, Priests, Imams, Evangelists, Deacons, Prophets)

    A man of God or a Spiritual Guide without a Metaphysical Astrological Energy Major power is nothing in front of his believers. The men of God themselves know him although without the Unction of Delivery, without the Power of Miracle, without the Power of Cure, without the Prediction, without the Fire power, without the Vision, they are absolutely nothing in front of their numerous believers . It is a big well-kept secret in the world of churches and in the spiritual world.



    More than 90 % of the African Great Men of God, more than 90 % of the Powerful Pasteur and religious Leaders have the power and are what they are thanks to the Powerful Magic Ball of the Crystal kept discreetly in place on today at their home at home. We do not become Great Man of God, powerful, rich and known all over the world so easily as you believe it. It will be necessary to pass by grateful stages which are the ownership of Big Spiritual Metaphysical Powers generated daily by the Powerful Magic Ball of the Crystal.Look, please, at the Great Men of God who drain whole Countries (the Heads of state, the Ministers, the Managing directors, the Ambassadors, the Football players, the Investors Financiers, the Bankers, Lawyers . Look at them good in eyes, a Powerful Metaphysical Energy gets free automatically and a Big Power of Fire round around them. It is the effect of the Powerful Magic Ball of the Astrological Crystal that we advise you.


    It is a closed circle, a circle of powerful, rich, impressive , convincing Men of God, men of God were listened to and were liked by all. But where from hold that they these Powers so powerful ? They will say to you  that comes from God. It is one thousand times needs, it is of the pure lie because the Powers which they have result from the Famous Magic Ball of the Metaphysical Astrological Crystal that they are going to get themselves in India and in Israel during their numerous business trips masked by one or saying " invitation in a biblical seminary " all this to fetch the Power and mean possessing all the country.


    And you ? What do you make to become Great Man of God, the Powerful, Fort, rich, liked and possess the biggest church of your country and of her under region? We advise you from today to make as your elder sons, your predecessors by commanding now the Powerful Magic Ball of the Astrological Crystal of India. Should the opposite occur, you will always stay in the small place of your district, without evolution, without power, without money, worthless and all your believers will go to other men of God with the idea that if you were powerful and sent by God, you will not be also poor and miserable.




    Functions of the Magic Ball of the Astrological Crystal:

    - Don of the big power of delivery and the Prediction
    - Don de la Vision and of the Fire power
    - Don de l' Onction and of the Power of Cure 
    - break and Neutralize all the Idols and Grey Grey of your Opponents
    - load your Chakras and your auridiques Vibrations 
    - position your Birth chart over your opponents and enemies
    - to assure you a Spiritual Astrological Metaphysical Protection
    - to cross-post an Electric and metaphysical discharge on those wish harm to you
    - turn the evil to the sender with an electric shock and métarphisique to neutralize him
    -Being loved by his believers and by the authorities of the country
    -Being healthy and to have a big longevity

    - have Partners and Investors deprived for your projects

    - easy, fast and discreet installation
    - no Incantations nor Sacrifices to be made
    - no Special Prayers to be made
    - no Totems to respect
    - no Dangers for you nor for your Family

    Purchase prices  =   765 Dollars 



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