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    Hello everyone,


    Services Occult Master COFFI


    I am the Master Medium COFFI known around the world by my occult powers in the land of witchcraft and magic.

    I've helped hundreds of people regain the affection of their love, find a stable and permanent employment, have the chance to win at gambling.

    My powers in the field of clairvoyance will help you predict your future and avoid unpleasant surprises that will rot your life!

    I am recommended by all major guides clairvoyance and the occult. I got in 2007 the "golden medium" of the International Exhibition of Paris in the Tarot FRANCE. I enjoy a thriving clientele also consults me for maraboutage occult and all interventions.


    In what areas I speak?


    Back affection

    Indeed, when a loved one leaves you, the confusion, we do not know where to turn. We wish to call on specialists return of affection, but faced with the abundance of supply, we do not know where to wear his choice. The risk of error is greater because the decision is primarily based on the emotional. What to do? Contact Master Coffi without waiting


    The chance to win at gambling

    One day, seeing how the company of his friend prosperous Ulrich went himself in a humorous air the magic formula to make such bargains. Do not respond to his humor is seriously Jean meets Ulrich: "You really want to know my secret Well, I went to take advice from a marabout and is the result?".

    To find the best practical advice for your chance to shine, contact Master Coffi!


    Find or find a stable and permanent employment

    Despite the economic crisis and redundancies involved in the business, some people have not lost their jobs! Even those who have lost quickly found another job sometimes more rewarding!

    Treat yourself today the jealously guarded secret of those who are never unemployed. The anti-unemployment is proposed by Mr. Coffi miraculous solution!


    Services Occult Master COFFI

    Various talismans and ring your star to shine

     The mystical and astrological padlock


    Do you know the Mighty Padlock Astrological Metaphysics?

    This Powerful Article Astrological and Metaphysical old 5000 years before Christ, is used by the Heads of State, Diplomats, the Corporate Chiefs, Officers Missions, Traders, Business Men, Men of God, Merchants and largely by women who wish to dominate and bully their husbands but also used by men who want to impose their authority in the family. Attach spiritually hypnotize or shut his victim for better control. You want to dominate, control and bully a person (a partner, a lover, a financier, a funder, a maker, a relative or friend), you want the person you always say yes even against his will, order soon Today the Mighty Padlock Astrological Metaphysics. Used by over 960 million people worldwide, the Mighty Padlock Astrological and Metaphysical is renowned for its great energies of hypnotism and absolute domination. With the Mighty Astrological Padlock, you can easily lock or tie someone you want to get something. With this powerful Padlocks, that person will never refuse you anything.


    Ring Magic Premiki For the LOVE

    The first and last remedy WIN The Love On a MAN OR WOMAN. This magical ring is prepared only when all the powers in the past have failed and you've tried everything. This powerful ring was prepared after several Japas and MANTRAS (prayers) at the seaside!


    Services Occult Master COFFI


    Our satisfied clients attest

    Jeanne Lyon.


    Services Occult Master COFFI

    While I was surfing on the Internet as is my habit, I came across an article about an African marabout who answers to the name of MASTER COFFI and has helped countless people to solve their problèmes.Et then all of Suddenly, I thought of Germaine, a childhood friend who is suffering from 15 years of extreme paranoia. His condition deteriorated rapidly to lose all sense of reality. And if it is generally calm, Germaine was interned in a psychiatric hospital to receive the best care. As the hospital is close to home, I often spent visiting him every time even if it was a test to see Germaine lost in thought, dazed, and his condition had me back into the nostalgia for a time when Germaine was so full of life and joy.


    One day when I went to visit him, I followed the instructions that the marabout gave me the following e-mail I sent to explain my concerns about Germaine. As the marabout had asked me, I repeated a certain phrase in the ear of Germaine repeatedly while squeezing his palms. Then she started to shake, I continued to follow the instructions of the marabout, Germaine should disappear in a few minutes to wake up in perfect health. I do not have to wait longer for it came as Germaine collapsed a few minutes later. 

    Through me, the Marabout COFFI had managed to drive away evil spirits who had taken refuge in the body of Germaine. Later, Germaine woke up and for the first time in nearly seven years, she said my name.

    Thank you for everything, Grand Wizard COFFI.


    Lucien, Paris


    Services Occult Master COFFI


    One consultation and LED flash COFFI were enough for me to pass the end of my career. A vacancy, an ungrateful boss and two postulants ready to tackle me at the first opportunity and it was me who was finally promoted. Thank you Master for this contrast that I could take with your advice.


    Aline, Brussels.

    Services Occult Master COFFI


     While I was married, I fell in love with a handsome stranger on holiday in Bordeaux. My husband never knew the existence of this relationship that has lasted since I saw my lover every 2 months. Unable to handle this double life and very clumsy with my husband, the Master COFFI Gentile told me very clearly what would be the outcome of this story, and when the outcome would occur. It is not wrong, since I divorced I'm a new woman!




    Services Occult Master COFFI

    Hello! There is this one year, I called you about my fears for my BTS as well as my love life ...

    What you told me happened, I had my BTS (you told me that I'll just, you were right), and you told me that at the end of 2011, beginning 2012 I meet someone and it would be something really amazing, and it is now three months that I swim in happiness with my partner! 

    My life is going very well, thank you for reassuring me and continue to exercise.



    Contact Marabout Medium Light COFFI. 


    Street Land of voodoo


    01 BP 10750 BENIN



    An angel on a mission to Earth to the Greatest Happiness of the people who are lucky to have you on their way of life.

    You think you have tried everything without results, call me!

    Fast and serious work. Known and respected for the quality of his work.

    Also work by correspondence. 

    Sending orders by DHL Agency.

    Direct contact: 0022995092699.


    For all your problems: Back of Affection, Wealth, Talismans, Witchcraft, Magic, Desenvoutements, Stable and Definitif work, customer attraction, Luck, Tarot, Formulas money, driving license, Consultations, get rich, Incurable Diseases AIDS.


    Contact Master COFFI : 0022995092699.

    - Whatsapp

    Emails : mastercoffi@hotmail.fr

    Master Clairvoyant Marabout Seeing COFFI



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    Cyril Laryea
    Sunday 18th May 2014 at 10:04
    I am in Ghana I need your help to win more contract to become rich
    Jean noel Eyenga
    Tuesday 21st July 2015 at 22:53

    salut mr BRUNO COFFI;s'il vous plait veuillez m'accoder lien avec vous .je  voudrais avoir une amùelioration concernant ma vie proffessionnelle , conjuguale,et amicale


    Monday 12nd February 2018 at 21:56


    I answered you, but I hope a return on your part but nothing.


    Thank you for answering
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