I had 17 years old and 21-year-old Victor when we were both on holidays and when we fell in love. Unfortunately, the summer came to an end and we left each from our part. As we lived in distant regions, we decided not to keep contact to return easier things. But what had to be an affair of holidays became a deep love in spite of the absence. Victor occupied my thoughts and I have never forgotten him but I had neither his phone number, nor its e-mail address and not its surname. All that I knew it is that I needed to see again him. Unfortunately, the time passed and we did not see again each other any more. Then, approximately 10 months ago, I fell on an announcement of a Marabout which claimed to be able to returned him to be liked near one. 
    Of course, I did not pay attention on what I considered in the time as grotesque practices. Nevertheless, the idea to try to find Victor tempted me more and more. One morning, I decided to see again the announcement of the marabout and something attracted me in the commercial. Indeed, the Big Wizard COFFI did not ask for remuneration, as it is the case generally and the advice which he gave could be made via e-mail. So, I just had to expose my case by sending an e-mail and from his/her part, he would make what he could to help me. While remaining sceptical, I sent all the same my message. 

    ......... VICTOR AND I 

    The next day, I received an e-mail with a kind of incantation to be recited accompanied with advice which drew my attention because it was really deep words. 
    I admit to have laughed by reciting the incantation even if a part of me really wanted to believe in it. I did not have more than to wait by asking me how Victor could well re-cross my path if it worked. One week passed unless nothing takes place and moreover, I did not really know for what I hoped finally
    Then one morning by going to the work, we announce me the recruitment of a new element in the commercial team. It was Victor, so incredible that it could appear.
    We recognized ourselves at once even if we had a little aged and between us, things worked at once again as if a few days only had separated us instead of these years. Pure coincidence? I prefer to thank from the bottom of the heart the Marabout COFFI for having made that my path again crossed that of Victor.


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